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Steps Large And Small

The same week that saw the 50th anniversary of the Civil Rights Act, I found myself in a studio taping the Tavis Smiley show, an interview program produced for PBS television.  The program ranges widely over various topics, with an … Continue reading

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Hollywood of the Midwest

I spent last week in Grand Rapids, Michigan, which I jokingly call “the Hollywood of the Midwest.”  My publisher, based in that city, was filming a video series on my book that will release in November called Vanishing Grace: Whatever … Continue reading

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How Soon We Forget

Last November the strongest typhoon ever recorded slammed into the southern islands of the Philippines, with winds reaching 195 miles per hour.  The storm caused more than 6,000 deaths (a thousand people are still missing) and 27,000 injuries, many of … Continue reading

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2013′s Most Popular Blogs

I went back through the blogs I wrote in 2013 to see which ones generated enough interest for readers to click through.  If you missed some of these and they pique your interest, you can click on them for the … Continue reading

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Hip Christian Books

As I look back on the pile of books I read in 2013, a number of them seem to fall into a new genre.  “Christian hip,” I’ll call it.  Move over John Stott, Chuck Colson, and Max Lucado.  These books … Continue reading

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Mandela’s Miracle

On a visit to South Africa I visited the tidy home of Nelson Mandela in the Soweto township, which is preserved as a museum.  Just down the street sits Bishop Desmond Tutu’s house.  A slum made famous by its bloody … Continue reading

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Who Believes What?

When the Willow Creek Community Church did a survey they found that some in their congregation, and especially their post-Christian friends, thought that all world religions are essentially the same. If their doctrines are similar and point in the same … Continue reading

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Have Pen, Will Travel

It’s been quite a Fall season for the Yanceys!  In September we made a trip to Bogotá, Colombia, and on the way back stopped off for a few days in the Amazon rain forest of Ecuador.  We hiked on muddy … Continue reading

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Fragile Beauty

It’s snowing in Colorado today.  Don’t gloat too hard, though, those of you who live in warmer climes.  I bet you’ve never seen a flower made spontaneously from frost!  (Neither have I–they’re rather rare.  I’m still looking though.) When I … Continue reading

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The Kingdom of God is Alive and Well

I’m writing halfway through our trip to South America, just as we leave Quito, Ecuador, for a visit to the jungle—we actually will reach our hotel by a 20-minute canoe ride!  Yesterday I stood on the equator, with one foot … Continue reading

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